Monday, June 17, 2013

Norwex VS Chemicals

I recently had the privlege of discovering Norwex through Jeni Schultz a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.  It was not until I actually started researching Norwex products that I realized just how harmful everyday household cleaning products and popular household names that we use everyday are.  Just how ignorant have I been?

I was sent three Norwex Products to personally review from Jeni Schultz.  The first was the Basic Package from Norwex Collections.  This included two microfiber cloths, one "enviro cloth" and one "window cloth".  With these two clothes you can clean almost any surface in the home.  I also received a set of Dryer Balls.  Below I am posting some interesting facts that will have you wanting to become more green and then a detailed description of each item and my personal experience with the products follows.

-In the last 50 years over 80,000 chemicals have been created for household cleaning

-Indoor Air Pollution is one of the top five highest ranking environmental health problems in America.

Click Here to Read the Environmental Protection Agency facts on Indoor Air Quality

-Click Here to Read the Consumer Product Safety Commission facts on Indoor Air Quality

-Indoor Air Quality can be worse than outside air

-Norwex Microfiber allows you to eleminate the chemicals, saves you time, and money

-The average household spends an estimated $700 on household chemicals a year

My Personal Opinion/Review

Initially I thought, gosh, these products are expensive.  After tons of research and resources available at our fingertips online, I realized how ignorant I have been and educated myself on indoor air pollution and just how harmful all those household cleaners really can be.  Also, I realized why keep spending money on something that keeps running out when I can be using something that is environmentally friendly "green" and reusable.  Norwex is changing my life!

Enviro Cloth

The Enviro Cloth can be used dry to dust without using any chemicals.  The dirt/dust just clings to the cloth without stirring up all those particles in the air that always get in my eyes and contacts when I use that dang swiffer wand I have (I had) :/  The Enviro Cloth can be used wet with water or a environmentally friendly Norwex product to clean dirt/grime off of counters, cabinets, stove tops, or how about those dusty fan blades?  Again, the dirt just clings to this cloth, then you simply rinse the dirt off to reuse or throw it in the wash and use it later.

Window Cloth

The Window Cloth can be used in a variety of ways as well.  I was confused because it is labeled polish!  Well I suppose it does polish since it cleans windows with water!  You heard me right.  We detailed the cars and boat and used this handy cloth to clean the windows!  This product is advertised to clean mirrors, widows, jewelry, and shiny surfaces!  So we put this to work on our brushed nickel chandelier, ceiling light covers, vanity lights in the bathroom, and sink fixtures with water.

Now as far as using a chemical to get rid of bacteria that is safe and environmentally friendly, try Hydrogen Peroxide!


Norwex Dryer Balls

I know I have tried other "as seen on TV" dryer balls and quiet honestly I felt like I got ripped off. I was anxious to get the chance to try a product that seems to be tried and proven.  In my quest to become a more "green" mom I have decided to change my laundry habits dramatically, starting with cutting out the use of fabric softener completely if at all possible.  These Norwex Dryer Balls work wonderfully.  Honestly I just use one at a time, I don't know if I am suppose to use two, but the benefits are obvious from one.  First, my clothes don't have static cling, they still smell clean, and the clothes were pretty much wrinkle free.  Sometimes the kids forget softener and that leads to hard to get out wrinkles (aka wrinkles that have to be starched out).  They think putting these dryer balls in is so fun, so these dryer balls are a hit in my house, silly kids!  Everyone in my family will be getting these next Christmas!!!

Thank you Jeni for this awesome opportunity!




Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Southern Stamped Jewelry Personal Review

Southern Stamped Jewelry Personal Review

Southern Stamped Jewelry designer Alison Price may have started to design her own unique style of stamped metal jewelry for a hobby, I have a feeling it is going to quickly blossom into a full-time job.

I was drawn to Southern Stamped Jewelry because of the uniqueness of the individual pieces.  I purchased my mother a customized necklace for mothers day from a bigger name engraved jewelry retailer and she can only wear it on special occasions because it is a real shiny "perfect" piece of jewelry.  Southern Stamped Jewelry has a wide selection of metal pieces and not all pieces are polished and finished to perfection,  most have a hammered and worn look, a look that fits right in with everyday life.

From first contact Alison was very enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Southern Stamped Jewelry took my ideas and details and brought them to life, even including touches, I did not necessarily expect.  I was looking for pieces for the men in my life, whom were not going to wear a necklace of any sort!

Weather you are looking for a customized necklace, bracelet, earrings, or keyring, Alison from Southern Stamped Jewelry will help create an heirloom that will be the talk of family and friends for generations to come!

Express yourself with a custom pieces of Southern Stamped Jewelry today.  Perfect for any occasion, or anyone, from the church council, school teachers and officials, camp counselors, family or friends, anyone that touches your life, you can touch them back with these unique creations.

 This piece is a key ring created for my dad for Fathers Day from his 6 grand kids, I really like it because the coloring of the metals won't show the everyday wear and he can actually use it. (My dad is a mechanic and does maintenance so he did not need something he would have to worry about showing everyday wear, he can cherish this forever!)

This piece was created for my Air Force Reserve (pilot) Husband from the kids for fathers day, the dog tag style and plane were a complete surprise and I did not even expect them!  Alison with Southern Stamped Jewelry took small details that I had given her and went above and beyond to bring them to life. (I was merely expecting three round disk with initials and a "luv u dad"!  Wow!  Thank You!

Southern Stamped Jewelry has been kind enough to provide these pieces for me to personally review and the above opinions are my own and based on how I truly feel.  I did not receive any form of cash compensation for this review.

Southern Stamped Jewelry has been kind enough to provide all Review It For Me and Southern Stamped Jewelry Fans an opportunity to win their own customized piece of jewelry.  Enter daily from now until the 4th of July, 2013!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glasses USA Review

GlassesUSA offers great discounts on glasses.  I purchased two pairs in the fall for my daughter and two pairs for my son, four pairs total for under $100 using a coupon code.  

I was impressed with the selection of frames available online, which included a variety of name brand frames at a discount.  The glasses as a whole were perfect when they arrived.  The kids have been wearing them a good six months now and we have not had any issues.  Anyone that has kids knows how rough they can be on glasses.  Weather you are looking for stylish options to go with various outfits or you need a back up in case of emergency, GlassesUSA delivers!

Use code BOGOUSA fto buy one get one free or Fathers2013 to score buy one get one free and free shipping!  GlassesUSA offers a 100% guarantee!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pink Zebra VS Scentsy

Why Pink Zebra?

Recently I was given the opportunity by CD SCENTS to review a Pink Zebra Simmer Pot and various scented sprinkles (soy based waxes).  I can say I was pleasently surprised to find a Simmer Pot that was convenient in size, and a warming system that I was unfamiliar with.  The simmer pot includes a base that has a heated  plate and small pot that sits on top for warming the wax.  This is a much more convenient system than the more bulky version I am familiar with.

I sold Scentsy for two years, I won't lie I loved every second of it.  I still love some scents that they offer.  I stopped consulting full time for Scentsy for so many different reasons.  Mostly it was the fact they just keep branching out to different areas instead of staying true to its original brand..  

Pink Zebras is innovative and cutting edge in this market.  They offer shades that are interchangable, shades that can be customized with your own photo collages or favorite quotes, and even build your own candle systems of all different sizes.  Pricing is very affordable and I love the fact that their wax is soy based.

The scents are not as strong as Scentsy , however for me this is a plus.  A lot of times Scentsy would overwhelm my house, the Pink Zebra scents I have tried thus far don't seem to be overhwelming.  I have also used better home and garden waxes, all I will say about that is ewe, you get what you pay for when it comes to scents!

Pink Zebras sprinkles system makes it easy to use however much you need and mix scents to create your own customized aroma!  Scentsy comes in inconvenient packaging and I always found myself scrambling to cut, carve, or scrape out the amount I needed.

If you want versatility, quality, and affordability in the scented wax business, Pink Zebra is your solution.  Weather you like flameless candles or the essence of burning candle light Pink Zebra has an option for you.  If you are looking for a work at home company that you can believe in as well as enjoy what you do, Pink Zebra wants you!

My personal Pink Zebra Consultant is CD Scents Christon DeWolf
Join CD SCents Pink Zebra Team for $74 only in the month of June

Friday, May 31, 2013

Amazon.Com Review

My Personal Review
I discovered the "luxury" of a few years back.  Fast foward to being a mom of six and it has been an essential part of Christmas and Birthday shopping especially with free 2 day shipping.  You can ship your purchases anywhere, not just to yourself!  I shipped my husband(a deployed soldier) gifts such as a snow cone maker, web cam, and laptop to Kabul Afghanistan things for free! (of course overseas shipping is not 2 day guaranteed)

I use Amazon to review products and read tons of product reviews from other people that have purchased the same product before making any purchase.  By far one of the best "review" systems out there.

I like things I order online to be here, yesterday!  I have ordered everything from diapers to soccer cleats online via  I have had dog food, diapers, and laundry detergent delivered to my door step via the auto ship program.  

The best thing about is most of that not only can you get discounts, you can also get coupons to use on purchases, what isnt to like when you can get a free membership no matter who you are.


mark. Go with the Pro Mini Brush Set

Inline image 1
Recently I had the opportunity to review the Go with the Pro Mini Brush Set thanks to meet mark with ali.  I have been looking for something to take on the go with me for a while now, I don't always have space to take my train case of makeup and brushes!  This set is nice and compact, making it extremely convenient to use anywhere.  The quality is what you can expect from mark., superb!

This makeup brush is also perfect for those little hands learning to apply makeup.  My 8 year old is in the process of learning what each brush is for.  Each brush is individually labeled for its invidual purpose, the gold on black labeling makes them easy to see (unlike some other brushes I own).  They are just the right length for her little hands and the awkard positions she puts them in while applying makeup to everyone in our house, including the boys!

My mark. beauty mentor is Ali Strasser.  If you want a consultant with outstanding communication skills that will go the extra mile, please make sure to add her on facebook twitter, and her boutique.

Click here for the chance to win your very own mark. Go with the Pro Mini Brush Set!