Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pink Zebra VS Scentsy

Why Pink Zebra?

Recently I was given the opportunity by CD SCENTS to review a Pink Zebra Simmer Pot and various scented sprinkles (soy based waxes).  I can say I was pleasently surprised to find a Simmer Pot that was convenient in size, and a warming system that I was unfamiliar with.  The simmer pot includes a base that has a heated  plate and small pot that sits on top for warming the wax.  This is a much more convenient system than the more bulky version I am familiar with.

I sold Scentsy for two years, I won't lie I loved every second of it.  I still love some scents that they offer.  I stopped consulting full time for Scentsy for so many different reasons.  Mostly it was the fact they just keep branching out to different areas instead of staying true to its original brand..  

Pink Zebras is innovative and cutting edge in this market.  They offer shades that are interchangable, shades that can be customized with your own photo collages or favorite quotes, and even build your own candle systems of all different sizes.  Pricing is very affordable and I love the fact that their wax is soy based.

The scents are not as strong as Scentsy , however for me this is a plus.  A lot of times Scentsy would overwhelm my house, the Pink Zebra scents I have tried thus far don't seem to be overhwelming.  I have also used better home and garden waxes, all I will say about that is ewe, you get what you pay for when it comes to scents!

Pink Zebras sprinkles system makes it easy to use however much you need and mix scents to create your own customized aroma!  Scentsy comes in inconvenient packaging and I always found myself scrambling to cut, carve, or scrape out the amount I needed.

If you want versatility, quality, and affordability in the scented wax business, Pink Zebra is your solution.  Weather you like flameless candles or the essence of burning candle light Pink Zebra has an option for you.  If you are looking for a work at home company that you can believe in as well as enjoy what you do, Pink Zebra wants you!

My personal Pink Zebra Consultant is CD Scents Christon DeWolf
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